Let Integrative Wisdom guide you back to a place of faith, a remembering that you are not alone and that you are held in the loving arms of the Universe. There are as many ways to be inspired, as there are stars in the sky.



When we encourage someone, we are assisting them in listening more deeply to their own heart. Healing starts with taking some time to listen and to learn what our body, mind, spirit, and soul are asking for.



It has been said "Knowledge is Power." Certainly, when it comes to healing and living from one's true core or essence, knowledge of one's self and knowledge of potential healing practices is power-filled.



As we continue to show up more fully to the essence, the core, or in Integrative Wisdom words, to the soul, we find we have new understanding, not only of ourselves, but of the world in general.



Welcome. I am so glad you are here. Whether you are "sick and tired" of where you are at this time in your life, whether you are facing a medical, emotional, or spiritual crisis, or whether you find yourself fascinated by the thought of a healing practice, there is wisdom waiting here for you.

Believe it or not, there are simple yet profound ways to move out of your current state of boredom, pain, anxiety, depression, frustration, or illness, into a place of purpose, peace, joy, freedom, love, belonging and wellness.

Stop. Slow your mind. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and open your heart. From this place of focused awareness, ask yourself if you have had enough of the way things are. Ask if there might be some bit of wisdom waiting for you here on these pages. If the answer is yes, or even maybe, I welcome you to look further. It's time to claim the fullness of your life by listening to and honoring the desires of your soul. Listen to your intuition. Allow this inner voice to guide you. With Integrative Wisdom you will find your unique healing practice. And as you live your life more fully, you can then reach out to others who need your special gifts of wisdom. The world becomes a better place, because you took the time to answer the call of your soul.

Another reason to explore Integrative Wisdom is if you find yourself curious about Integrative Medicine, Alternative Healing, Energy work, the Mindbody connection or other complementary practices. Here you will find the history behind the movement, basic information on how these modalities work and who uses them and when. You will learn when it might be right for you to seek out a practitioner and you may choose to access someone within the community of healers here at Integrative Wisdom.

You are important. Your life matters. When you learn to live from your soul you will begin to share your gifts of healing energy with the world. Let Integrative Wisdom be your guide as you learn to identify your perfect healing practice and your community as you move more deeply into a place of integration of your body, mind, spirit, and soul.

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Using a vast array of tools such as the relaxation response, creative arts, breathing practices, etc. each individual is guided to create their own unique Integrative Wisdom Wellness Plan™.


For reasons not yet identified, people continually defy medical odds. Placebos confound the most rigorous of experiments. Personal beliefs and emotional resilience or lack thereof, influence the time it takes to heal. Emotional distress, environmental frustrations, and other non-physical issues threaten the physical wellness of patients.