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If you pay attention to any of the latest studies on health and illness in the United States, you know a vast majority of women are stressed out, exhausted, depressed, and/or anxious and at a loss of how to make things better. Maybe you are one of these women. A quick trip to your doctor may lead to a prescription to ease your depression, help you sleep or reduce your anxiety. A few of you may go for a few sessions of therapy and find some relief. Some of you may have sought solace in your religion. And for lots of you, you find out that these measures, while helpful in their own way, are either temporary or they just haven’t addressed the totality of your life’s struggles. Integrative Wisdom was created just for you.

Women who are strong and resilient still have their breaking point. We are all faced with so many more responsibilities than at any other time in history. We now realize that we cannot do it all or take care of everything all by ourselves. Much of the illness women face today, in spite of cutting edge medicine, is due to the stress of modern living. It is time to remember the ways of wellness, to stop and allow our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and our souls to breathe and to speak. We must begin to listen and listen now.

Integrative Wisdom is here for the modern woman. Forget quick fixes, the band-aid approach, and the medical model only assessment. It’s time to step back, to look at the bigger picture…body, mind, spirit, soul. It’s time to bring intuition, and even mystery, back into the picture. Integrative Wisdom guides and inspires new insights and deepens understanding. Choose your tools for healing once you have completed your Integrative Wisdom Wellness Plan™ session. Begin to apply them immediately and see the changes that unfold.

About the Logo

The heart is central to Integrative Wisdom. It is where our true center of power lies. As you look at the logo, notice that there are three sections to the heart and a fourth central area that is radiating light out of the heart. The three outer chambers represent the body, the mind, and the spirit. As body mind and spirit come together in harmony they reflect the wisdom of the soul represented by the center chamber. When we come into this place of harmony, where our soul shines, we are then able to turn around and give back to the world, which is reflected in the light radiating from the center of the heart. This logo is a beautiful representation of what Integrative Wisdom stands for and what you can expect to experience during your Integrative Wisdom sessions.

Meet Verna Fisher

I’m Verna Fisher, the imagination and heart of Integrative Wisdom. This practice is my response to the call of my Soul and the voice that said to create a healing space for women. I have been guided and led to this vision by Divine Wisdom and I invite you to partake of the expertise and support offered here.

Professionally, I have a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. I graduated at the top of my class Summa Cum Laude as an older student and I was the President’s Scholar in my discipline of Social Work at California State University Long Beach. I am a Life Coach trained by Mike Jay and B-Coach University. I am a Reiki Master and I am a minister for the Universal Life Church Monastery, an online spiritual community.

While completing my MSW I was led to the vast arena of what was then called Alternative Medicine. I was guided to complete my Master’s thesis on this area of study in spite of many objections and challenges from some of my professors. I was willing to fight for my topic because I knew, from some deep intuitive place, how important this area of study was for the well being of people. I knew we must learn to integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit if we are to be whole. I knew we must learn to live from that deeper place of existence, our essence, or what I call the soul. When we do that, we are guided and led to choose wholeness over fragmentation and, as a result, our lives flourish.

After graduation, I started Wisdom Works, a life coaching practice for women and men. I was blessed to experience how using many of the practices I wrote about in my thesis provided healing and a sense of peace to those who came to Wisdom Works for coaching. In 2005, I was inspired to move to Escondido California, in order to establish a healing center. It took a year to find the right place and then a few years to remodel the small barn which was destined to become The Center of Creative Transformation. Along the way I still coached and I still offered healing sessions. After The Center of Creative Transformation was completed, I began offering weekend retreats to small groups of women.

During this process I also started working as a hospice Social Worker. Working with the dying and their loved ones has informed my current practice, Integrative Wisdom. I have seen that we must not wait to claim our essence, our joy, our gift of life. We just don’t know how much time we will be given in this one precious lifetime and we must take steps now to live this life fully and completely. Integrative Wisdom is based on knowledge gathered from my education, training, and experience, as well as the latest insights I have gained since working in the field of death and dying, grief and loss.

I offer myself not as a therapist or a life coach, although I have been trained to do both. I do not use a psychological approach in my work. I offer my wisdom as a woman who has walked the life path from fragmentation to wholeness, from fear to joy and who has been called to give back to other women as a companion, a guide and a healer of hearts and souls.

If you have been sensing a change in the air or if you have been feeling a tug on your heart to take that leap of faith, please reach out now. If you feel called to greater wellness and well-being; if you would like to live from a place of wholeness, but aren’t sure how, I am here to help, to guide, and to encourage you every step of the way.

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"The psyche is too important to be left to the psychiatrists."

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For reasons not yet identified, people continually defy medical odds. Placebos confound the most rigorous of experiments. Personal beliefs and emotional resilience or lack thereof, influence the time it takes to heal. Emotional distress, environmental frustrations, and other non-physical issues threaten the physical wellness of patients.