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The Soul Catalyst Card Deck

I am so proud to share my life's greatest professional accomplishment, The Soul Catalyst 4 in 1 System of Healing as featured in The Soul Catalyst Card Deck & Guidebook to the Cards. This project has taken me over 12 years to complete. Now some of you might be appalled by this admission, but my revelation is really to offer encouragement to all of you who have visions/dreams that follow you, hound you, and won't let you rest. My view-don't give up-keep going. Trust those dreams and visions. Let them take as long as they take. AND, be sure to secure your very own Soul Catalyst Card Deck & Guidebook today.

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Obsidian Stones

Your very own "My Practice" obsidian stone. Obsidian represents the energy of grounding, protection, strength, clarity, and security.

A perfect addition to your tool kit!

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During your Integrative Wisdom session, intuitive guidance will be used in some form to help you design your healing practice. Allowing yourself to experience this process may be exactly what you need to move forward and take that leap of faith into the next part of your life's journey.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Integrative Wisdom wellness plan

Using a vast array of tools such as the relaxation response, creative arts, breathing practices, etc. each individual is guided to create their own unique Integrative Wisdom Wellness Plan™.


For reasons not yet identified, people continually defy medical odds. Placebos confound the most rigorous of experiments. Personal beliefs and emotional resilience or lack thereof, influence the time it takes to heal. Emotional distress, environmental frustrations, and other non-physical issues threaten the physical wellness of patients.