As we continue to show up more fully to our essence, our core self, or in Integrative Wisdom words, to our soul, we find we have a new understanding, not only of ourselves, but of our world in general. We see from a new perspective. We imagine new ways of being. We understand both our responsibility for the decisions and choices we do or do not make and the complete freedom we possess to do so. Illusions drop away; we understand the oneness of life. We understand that we are connected to all we see and all that we can only sense. Taking time to step outside we become one with this cosmic community. We enter into the silence of belonging. Nature is our teacher, our healer, our lover, and our friend.

Nature – A Healing Space

Take time to stop and smell the roses, and the lavender, and the rosemary and the sweetness of the gentle breeze. Hear the birds; see the patterns of clouds in the sky. Healing of heart, mind and body happen in nature when we stop, and open ourselves to the power that is available here. Join me outside and enhance your Integrative Wisdom practice.

Garden of Quiet and Peace

Find your path, the one that beckons you. Look around as you walk. Listen for the message that's there just for you. Spend some time in mediation, in silence, journaling or envisioning. Let the garden here at The Center of Creative Transformation heal your soul and inspire the next part of your journey.

Retreat at The Center of Creative Transformation

The space here at The Center of Creative Transformation is Holy Ground. It has been blessed and prayed over and loved into existence over the past six years. As I have shared in my bio, my husband and I came to Escondido to establish a healing center…a small intimate space dedicated to the unfolding of a woman's soul.

The space here has that feeling of calm, of peace, of safety. The space allows for exploration, deeper and more complete than is sometimes possible in one's everyday space. The Center invites conversations that have longed to be initiated. The Center gives weary hearts, bodies, and minds a chance to rest. The Center provides the energy needed to do the sometimes difficult work of overcoming pain and sorrow. The Center inspires creativity and imagination. Souls are allowed to express fully their Divine Intention. Lives change for the better here.

A small intimate space; sacred space born from the vision, prayers and wisdom of women breathed into the bones. Healing happens here…an hour, a morning, an afternoon, a day. You decide. Come and design your Integrative Wisdom Wellness Plan™. Design a private healing retreat for you and your friends, your partner, your family, or even your co-workers. Groups up to ten will fit well here. No overnight retreats but you can always plan to stay in accommodations nearby if you prefer your retreat to be longer than a day.


It is solved by walking.

Back in 1997 when I was in the middle of my Master's program and working on my thesis topic involving alternative medicine, I was introduced to the wisdom of the labyrinth. A local church had voted to remove half the pews in their sanctuary and have a labyrinth installed there. As I heard about this church and then walked this first labyrinth path, I began to do some research on the resurgence of this medium as a part of one's healing journey.

It seems that throughout history, in cultures across continents, humans have created special pathways designed in specific ways and that appear to have been used to gain insight or wisdom. The church I first experience the labyrinth had built theirs modeled after the one in Chartres Cathedral in France, The best guess is that the Chartres Labyrinth was built somewhere in the 1100-1300's, perhaps as a substitute for taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. The thought is that perhaps there were too many wars raging across the land for travel to be safe.

Over the years, this practice fell into disuse. For some reason, some say it was part of our Aquarian age of emerging spirituality, this tool was rediscovered. Today various types of labyrinths now share places of honor, not only in churches, but in communities and hospital settings as a practice to enhance healing.

Although The Center does not yet have a completed labyrinth, there is a dedicated space and a small two circuit pathway made of red rock from Sedona Az. Completing the labyrinth is part of the future of The Center.

The labyrinth is a sacred path, a way to the heart of the matter. Walking the labyrinth is an opportunity to let go of fears, worries, and pain. It is a powerful way to tune in to your inner promptings. You can learn more at an Integrative Wisdom workshop or Home Party. Or book your personal Integrative Wisdom session and walk our baby labyrinth as part of your healing practice.

Trusting the Creative Process

As we move forward in our life journey, we are called to move out of the shadows and into the light. We are nudged to grow beyond our self-imposed boundaries. We are challenged to wake up and acknowledge the gifts we've been given. It is no longer appropriate to ignore the still small voice that speaks to us in the silence before dawn.

To become enlightened is to recognize that we are whole and that we lack nothing. To become enlightened is to realize how precious we really are. To become enlightened we must take responsibility for the many ways we are holding back out of fear or a misguided belief. We begin to trust in the creative unfolding of our true self.

This is it. Nothing more. Perfection. Nirvana. Bliss.

Verna Fisher, along with Integrative Wisdom, is your companion and your guide.

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For reasons not yet identified, people continually defy medical odds. Placebos confound the most rigorous of experiments. Personal beliefs and emotional resilience or lack thereof, influence the time it takes to heal. Emotional distress, environmental frustrations, and other non-physical issues threaten the physical wellness of patients.