Let Integrative Wisdom guide you back to a place of faith, a remembering that you are not alone and that you are held in the loving arms of the Universe. There are as many ways to be inspired, as there are stars in the sky. Here are just a few choices for you to consider. Contact me to discuss your unique needs. I will guide you and your imagination to design your most effective healing practice.

Intuitive Guidance

As Ralph Blum has noted, "Intuition is everyone's second language." Unfortunately, we don't always honor this gift or trust the still, small voice within.

In the past decade I have been honored to share in the life journey of many women. I have observed and experienced first-hand the wisdom that arises from using intuitive guidance. When we take the time and effort to step away from our everyday life and enter into the silence, we find that we are accompanied by the Divine Mystery. We are guided how and when to take the next step.

However, in spite of what we might like to believe, our intuition is not always on target. As often as not we are wrong when we try and listen to that inner voice of wisdom. Now this can be confusing! Adding a system that helps us get a reading on what more we might need to know can be very beneficial. This is why I have used Tarot Cards, Runes, and Angel Cards for example, as well as developing my own system of intuitive guidance. During your Integrative Wisdom session, intuitive guidance will be used in some form to help you design your healing practice.

Allowing yourself to experience this process may be exactly what you need to move forward and take that leap of faith into the next part of your life's journey.

Creative Expressions

Research into MindBody healing has shown that using the creative arts to heal is very effective. This is NOT about being artistic; it is about allowing your inner wisdom and knowledge to guide you and teach you what is needed for you to live more fully. It is about the process and the sense of flow that happens when you enter this space. Book a session today and begin to tap into the power of healing through the use of your six senses through creative expression.

Healing Workshops

Gathering together to explore the world of Integrative Medicine, Mind Body Healing, Energy Work, Creative Expressions, and other healing practices is a great way to be inspired and encouraged to use the tools and modalities on a regular basis. You will be inspired by the energy of other women as you take that next step to learn more about what will help you live from that place of deep connection and wisdom.

Check out the list of when to design a Ceremony, the list of Healing Tools and Modalities, as well as the list with the topics for Home Parties. Then check the Calendar to see if there are any workshops coming up that you are able to attend. If you aren't sure, let yourself take a moment to stop, to close your eyes, to breathe in and out a few times before asking yourself which one is right for you. Then consider inviting a friend to join you as you fall into the loving embrace of Divine Healing and come away feeling inspired, energized, and yes, challenged to change your life. If you don't see what you are drawn to on the Calendar, send me an email and we can try to arrange something that will work for you and your circle of support.

Creating Ceremony

Our mainstream culture has lost contact with the world of ritual, mystery and spirit. Integrating spirit back into our lives assists our healing process. If you have been feeling a bit low or if you have been feeling separate from God, however you define the sacred, a specially designed ritual or ceremony may bring you back into a sense of oneness with all that is. I have been given the gift to create both the outer and inner space required to experience a sense of being healed. Consider your life right now and imagine if there is a hole or a place that could use some insight. Then contact me to arrange a meeting, either in person or by phone and allow me to assist you in creating that healing moment you desire. Here is a list of occasions and times in a woman's life when a ritual or ceremony will make a difference and provide healing energy and focus.

Some Ideas... When to Design a Ritual or Ceremony

  • As support for new beginnings.
  • Birth of a child
  • Celebrating milestones
  • Changes in the family circle due to relocation or going away to college.
  • Changing careers
  • Changing of the seasons
  • Considering a move
  • Deaths
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Facing major decisions
  • Family trauma or struggles
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling stuck
  • Healing from a trauma or loss
  • Illness
  • Impending death
  • Job loss
  • Lack of purpose
  • Leaving a relationship
  • Major life changes like getting married or divorced.
  • New pregnancy
  • Prior to having surgery
  • Rites of Passage
  • Seeking clarity
  • Wanting to get pregnant
  • Or you tell me…

About the Artist: Valerie MacRae

One of the most generous of women, Valerie is also one of the most talented. Her gift for creating the most beautiful of inspirational works of art is unsurpassed. Meeting her has been one of the highlights of my life's journey. She and her vision Sacred Spiral were part of my initial journey into the world of entrepreneurship and her vest and vitality made the trip so much more exciting and fun. Valerie shared those first days with me and my initial endeavor, Wisdom Works, and she is still sharing her talents with me now. She is the designer of Integrative Wisdom's logo and I am so grateful for her presence in my life. She truly inspires me.

Valerie received her BA in theatre design from UC Santa Barbara. Her love of theatre arts is what adds dimension to her character studies on canvas and drama to her architectural designs. " I want there to be an interaction with the art or the space, a connection with the images in a celebration of our humanness as well as our spirituality." Her original paintings can be seen in churches in the US and Canada.

She is described as a full menu artist by her colleagues working in many medi- ums and venues. In addition to original paintings, she creates signature designs in wood furniture, stained glass, murals and wall hangings. Valerie has taught design at FIDM in LA and is currently teaching art and doing graphic design at St. John Bosco High School. While still creating commercial work under Val MacRae Designs she designs for the Religious Education Office of the LA Archdiocese creating the logo and environment designs for their annual Congress in Anaheim.

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For reasons not yet identified, people continually defy medical odds. Placebos confound the most rigorous of experiments. Personal beliefs and emotional resilience or lack thereof, influence the time it takes to heal. Emotional distress, environmental frustrations, and other non-physical issues threaten the physical wellness of patients.